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The Best Free VPN Client Options

A virtual private network (VPN) is a private computer network that allows users to access it through the public Internet. Software that facilitates such access is called a VPN client. VPN clients are popular with telecommuters who need home access their work computers. There are many excellent VPN clients, including the free options on this list....(more)

The Essentials on Making VPNs More Secure

A virtual private network, also referred to as VPN, allow businesses to provide a secure and reliable way for its Internet users to access and share information across its business's private network over a public network. Whether computer access extends across multiple shops and offices around the world, it is vital to have a secure VPN service....(more)

Protect Yourself for Free With a Private VPN

For maximum security in your private networking, set up a virtual private network to get the greatest measure of private browsing. Fortunately, a VPN is set up using some equipment you probably own plus some free software. Private browsing is secured easily by following these steps to set up a free private VPN....(more)

Accessing VPN on Windows Devices

Virtual private networks allow you to connect to distant local networks through a secure tunnel. This kind of connection is typically used to access work computers from home. Recent versions of Windows come with a VPN client, so getting up and running is very easy....(more)


Easy to Understand Diagram of Home Networking Setup

Are you setting up a home network for the first time? The task requires a basic understanding of modem and router connections, as well as their wireless capabilities. The following home network diagrams illustrate efficient ways of utilizing basic components in your own system....(more)

Finding the Default IP for a Cisco Router

There are plenty of reasons for knowing your router's default IP address. Any installation or configuration process typically requires that the administrator be familiar with and make use of the router's default IP address. Cisco routers in particular are no exception to this rule. Finding the default IP address for a Cisco router is a surprisingly difficult process, and there are a number of ways to go about it. Refer to this helpful set of instructions in order to ensure that you finding the proper set of numbers you need to work with your Cisco router....(more)

Changing Your Linksys Router Log In Password

Keeping your network secure is integral to keeping your data safe from hackers. Anyone with access to your router could have access to your entire network; minimize the number of people with such access. An easy way to make your network more exclusive - and thus more secure - is to change the default password to your Linksys router....(more)


Tech Terms: What Is Common Domain?

Common domain refers to a system for serving and identifying cookies for security and authentication purposes. This is done via an internal server, which is known as a shared domain; it is also done with separate servers routed through a trusted third-party server, which is known as using different domains....(more)

Free DDNS Server Providers

DDNS server providers are a great way to speed up your network browsing speed, protect your identity and secure your network from unsafe websites or downloads. A dynamic DNS is similar to a regular DNS except that it also supports dynamic IP addresses. This makes it useful for home networks where your provider typically uses dynamic IP addresses. Several companies offer free DDNS server options, making it difficult to find the best ones. Learn about the top free DDNS server providers to narrow down your search....(more)

The Most Efficient DNS Blacklist Sites on the Web

From viruses and phishing scams to annoying offers for pharmaceuticals and herbals supplements, the internet is full of undesirable emails. The infinite and continuously changing nature of spam makes it difficult to defend against completely, but there are plenty of efficient and reliable sites offering DNS blacklist filtering services. Whether you're an individual user or security administrator for a large corporation, these four sites offer excellent measures to protect against unwanted email....(more)

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